- Up to date information on markets or other events in the region, you can find on the site of the local tourist office
- some 10km from here at Centre Equestre Ferme Bodson in St-Jacques you can reserve for a horse ride of one or more hours (in the season),
   also for less advanced riders
- Follow this link for golf courses
- Follow this link for the agenda of the racing circuit of Spa-Francorchamps
- We have information about all museums in the area:
  - The Stavelot abbey, a beautiful building in itself, houses three interesting museums:
     - The Guillaum Apollinaire museum, about the poet that wrote his poems in artistic shapes, and after whom we named one of our rooms ...
     - The surprising exhibition on the old principality Stavelot-Malmedy 
     - The old timer racing car museum in the basements of the abbey
  - The museum "cotticule" (grinding stones for blades) in Salmchateau featuring an industry that made it world famous for some period of time
  - the "Maison du Pays de Salm" in the tourist office of Vielsalm to learn more about the legends and history of the region
  - the 2nd World War museum "December 44" in La Gleize ("where the Germans lost the war")
  - the Baugnez 44 Historical Center, about the tragical unplanned encounter between American and German troops
  - the mine museum “Schieferstollen” in Recht
- The brewery of the beautiful beer La Chouffe in the village Achouffe
- Close to the famous caves of Remourschamps (with boat ride) you find an equally attractive game park; 
- All kind of outdoor activities can be booked in Coo, for groups or individuals
- Canoing can also be booked in Coo for the river Ambleve or in several places a bit further away for the river Ourthe
- the exceptionally nice museum on linen and fashion history in Verviers
- in mundane Liège, the museum d'Ansembourg an old house of a wealthy family with period woodcarving and furniture in Liège style
- in Clervaux (Luxembourg) you find the exhibition of pictures made in the '60's "Family of Men" in Clervaux (UNESCO world heritage site!)
   which has recently reopened after a full renovation of 3 years
- Another UNESCO world heritage site: the coal mines at Blegny (between Liège and Maastricht)
- In Vielsalm (6km, 4 miles) your can catch the train for an hour trip to Luxembourg city for fancy shopping or dining
- a 30 min drive away, you can already shop in the low tax Grand Duchy Luxembourg (get cheap gas for your car) in shopping center Knauf just across the border