From the early morning until late in the afternoon the sun circles around this room and will find a way to peep into one of the windows in your big livingroom downstairs. Don't forget to open your window in the early morning to listen to the sounds of birds which are nearby in the larch tree. The irresistable couch downstairs with view through the 2 big windows will make you dream and enjoy yourself, and maybe you find time and energy to read in "La Revolte des Anges" written by Anatole France (1844-1924, exact full name: François-Anatole Thibault)

The staircase leads to your cosy sleepingquarters and bathroom with bath and separate shower. This is the only room that we equiped with a TV. The room is at an extra of €5 per night.

The room including bathroom is approx. 38m 2.