Privacy statement

Privacy Statement

Below you will find how the team at La Maison de Maître handles your privacy sensitive data.



Data: all kinds of data that can contain personal information about our guests.

Employees (or "we"): all people who work on behalf of Hostellerie La Maison de Maître, regardless of the formal employment relationship.

Guests (or "You"): all people who make use of the facilities of the hotel or restaurant of Hostellerie La Maison de Maître for a fee.

Data stored by us

When booking via our website, via e-mail or via a booking site with whom we cooperate (like, Expedia, etc), we can obtain the following data about our guests:

1- Data die wij niet onthouden, opslaan of gebruiken, maar bij Uw boeking mogelijk wel kunnen zien: ">1- Data that we do not remember, store or use, but may see with your booking:
- address, zip code
- fixed telephone number
- creditcard information
- your customer status at one of the booking sites with which we work (such as "Genius" at

2. Data die wij krijgen of vragen en daarna opslaan, om U optimale service te kunnen verlenen tijdens Uw verblijf bij ons: ">2. Data that we receive or ask for and then save, in order to provide you with optimal service during your stay with us:
- Your name
- Your email address
- the telephone number of your mobile phone
- the arrival and departure dates of your stay, and the time of expected check-in
- In which room you stay with us and if you dine with us
- Special wishes concerning your stay or the meal that you specify
- the mutual e-mail correspondence with You on behalf of Hostellerie La Maison de Maître
- whether you have already paid with a voucher or a credit card (the credit card details themselves are not kept by us)

The data we save, will also be saved after your stay for the following purposes only:
- in order not to ask returning guests the same data and to be able to help them faster
- to send a special offer (up to twice a year) via e-mail for a next stay in our hotel and/or restaurant.
We can use the saved data listed under 2. to select the desired target group ("profiling" in the definitions of the GDPR).
The data (except for the e-mails) are saved in a secure Dropbox environment, which is only accessible using a password.
The e-mails are saved on the servers of our hosting provider, and are only accessible using a password.
We can keep copies of the above data in personal storage media (such as PC, tablet or smartphone) made available by Hostellerie La Maison de Maître, but only accessible with a password.
All these passwords are exclusively known by employees who need these data for the execution of their work for Hostellerie La Maison de Maître.

The saved data are not shared with others than the Employees.
The maximum storage time of the data is 10 years.



The Data Processing Officer (DPO) is Rob Franken (co-owner of Hostellerie La Maison de Maître).
Guests can at any time submit a request to the DPO for the removal of their Personal Data (under the GDPR definitions).
After receipt of the request, the DPO confirms the validity of the request within 14 days and will have executed a valid request within a month.
The DPO has access to all storage media where the Personal Data is stored, and after a valid request, the Personal Data on all these storage media will be removed within the aforementioned period.