Mountain-biking in the Ardennes

The region has a relatively high percentage of unpaved roads (a tour by car around the forest behind Arbrefontaine takes you on a 25 km drive minimum).
These unpaved roads that are used by farmers and foresters, take the mountain biker away from traffic to places that are ruled by nature and silence.
The touristic association Tarpan made 9 signed routes in the communities of Lierneux and Vielsalm, that in turn have signed connecting routes.
Routes vary between 12 and 52 km, but you can link them to any length to fit your ambition. But please include in your ambition that each route goes up and down some 300m (1000ft) at least one time, but more often several times.
There are no restaurants on the way (only in Vielsalm and Baraque de Fraiture), so take your own food and drinks with you, of ask us the evening before your hike to prepare you a good picnic for €12 p.p.

Attention! During the hunting season some mountainbike routes are closed.
As soon as they are published, you can find overviews here for Lierneux Octobre and Novembre with a map and for Vielsalm Octobre and Novembre.
We are happy to help you planning your mountain bike experience.